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  • Welcome to our website

The success of international purchasing is directly dependent on knowledge , understanding , skills and years of experience.International purchasing is far from incidental and accidental activities from more costs -lowering activities of firms.International purchasing is often the first step towards a delibrate stratigic policy decision towards globalization of the compnay. This gives modern purchasing an extra dimension and leads absolute to strengthen the company fundamentally.

MEGA Int'l is able , in almost all situations , directly or indirectly to provide support based on more than 20 years experience in two of the largest multinational companies in virtually all of their suppliers, manufacturers and with partial knowledge.All these contacts , in many cases our partners , are highly efficient clusters in China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Brasil and several other countries.

MEGA Int'l is an excellent partner specialized in a variety of materials , products and manufacturing disciplines.

All our suppliers and partners have a comprehensive knowledge of the Western Q&C systems and most are qualified with a " White Paper" certificate. 

MEGA Int'l is at all times prepared to inform you in detail without obigation.